A new way to learn from “old school” educational films.

A free and fun way to support your K-12 classroom or homeschool curriculum using time-proven Educational Films, Newsreels, TV Shows, PSAs, and Movies from the past.

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Recent Additions:

Timeless Education

You might be old enough to remember those old films they used to show in class. Your teacher or some geeky guy set up the 16mm projector and a screen, or wheeled in the tv for a closed-circuit broadcast.

Many of these educational films were made between the 1940s and 1960s and were used over and over, decade after decade.

Now they’re available to you, free and with easy-to-access resources in a multitude of subjects for classrooms and students of all ages and subjects.

We even help you guage appropriateness for age and grade level for each video resource:

Grade Levels

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