A new way to learn from “old school” educational films: Teachers.

A free and fun way to support your classroom or homeschool curriculum using time-proven Educational Films, Newsreels, TV Shows, PSAs, and Movies from the past.

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Videos for Teachers

Choosing Educational Films From 1963, this McGraw Hill primer helps teachers pick the kind of films that will help impact students and support learning objectives.

19 min      
Class Discipline Before and after scenarios show the right and wrong way to keep discipline and inspire young minds in this 1947 teacher training film. 14 min      
School Rules You've got to know the rules if you're going to stay in school. 10 min      

Remember, when choosing videos for your class or homeschool assignment, you can use our class level suggestion guide:

Grade Levels

Of course, you will need to be the judge of age level and appropriateness by reviewing materials ahead of time.

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